Welcome to the DONORS website!

This is where you can learn more about research related to the ERC-funded project “Who gives life? Understanding, explaining and predicting donor behavior”, the people involved in these projects and the scientific findings coming out of this research.

The aim of the DONORS project is to break with monodisciplinary approaches and grasp the dynamic and contextual nature of prosocial behavior. In order to achieve this a life course model is proposed, which links individual determinants, social network characteristics and societal context. The model will be tested in the case of blood donation, as an example of real world prosociality where a stranger is helped at a donor’s personal costs.

To achieve these goals DONORS comprises three interlinked work packages.

(1) Dynamic interplay among individual and network determinants of donor behavior over the life course.

(2) Genetic determinants of prosociality.

(3) Contextual variation in donor behavior.