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Blood Donation Narratives on Social Media: A Topic Modeling Study

This study explores the potential of social media in the context of blood donation. While social media has proven influential in various sectors, including public health, its impact on donor recruitment and retention has been understudied. This research aims to fill this gap by mapping the social media landscape surrounding blood donation. The findings reveal the prevalent topics, their distribution, and how discussions evolve over time. The study applies structural topic modeling to seven years of Dutch blood donation data on Facebook and Twitter by the general public.

The full article of the study can be found here, or you can just read the highlights:

  • We showcase a computational method to examine social media data about blood donation.

  • We found 25 topics clustered in 6 distinct clusters.

  • Positives of blood donation are on the rise and donation announcements are on the decline.

  • Topics are not equally present on social media platforms.

  • Investigating opinions about blood donation found on social media will help to utilize social media in a meaningful and effective manner.


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