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Not only in the Netherlands but in many other countries, the general population is ageing. This means that in the future, more people are going to need blood products as part of their medical treatments. Not only this but both at the local (the Netherlands) and European levels we are facing a shortage of plasma. How can we ensure a stable and sustainable blood and plasma donor pool?


One of the main barriers that people face when it comes to blood donation is lack of awareness, meaning that people are not donating blood and plasma because they don't know that they are needed as donors. Thus in the Learning to Donate (Learn-Do) project we are focusing on studying how people learn to donate and we develop and test interventions aimed at increasing their knowledge about blood and plasma donation. 


Ciaușescu, A., de Wit, A., Bekkers, R., & Merz, E. M. (2023). Blood, it runs in the family: Intergenerational transmission of blood-donor behaviour.

Preprint | Summary


​Alexandra Ciaușescu is a PhD candidate at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a member of the Donor Research Medicine department at Sanquin. She has a background in marketing and communication. She is examining inter/intragenerational transmission of blood donor behaviour, develops and tests educational materials about donation for children and adolescents. 

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