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In 2020, Sanquin opened the first plasma-only donation center in the Netherlands: the Powerbank. Sanquin uses the Powerbank as proof-of-concept center for more efficiently and more donor-friendly collection of plasma. Because of this proof-of-concept nature, the experience of donors at this donation center might be different than in other donation centers, where plasma as well as whole blood can be donated. In the POP project, we evaluate how donors experience and perceive the Powerbank, whether there are differences between donors in plasma-only and mixed donation centers, and what the effect is of the Powerbank's loyalty program on the donation behavior of donors. 


Marloes Spekman is a postdoctoral researcher at the Donor Medicine Research department of Sanquin. She has a background in Communication Science and Media Psychology. Her research focuses on the psychological and social aspects of blood and plasma donation.

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