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POP! Plasma only please

Marloes Spekman was awarded project funding together with Eva-Maria Merz for their new project Plasma Only Please (POP) and is thus moving from VU Amsterdam to Sanquin research.

So what is POP about?

In September 2020, Sanquin opened its first plasma-only donation center called the Powerbank. The Powerbank will be used by Sanquin as a testing grounds to explore whether it is possible to make the plasma donation process more efficient and the experience for the plasma donor even better than at the existing donation centers (which are often targeted at whole blood donation). The Powerbank aims to recruit and retain large numbers of plasma donors who donate at high frequency (ie. > 7 times per year), by focusing on efficiency and high service levels, and offering a loyalty programme.

In the POP project, they aim to answer three main questions:

1) What characterizes the plasma-only donor population?

2) How do plasma-only donors experience the Powerbank?

3) How effective is the loyalty programme in terms of retention and donation frequency?

You can also find this project on ResearchGate!

If you have any questions about this project, contact Marloes Spekman!


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