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While social relations are known to be critical for the onset and maintenance of prosocial behavior, little is known about how they specifically influence blood and plasma donation behavior. In this project, we aim to answer the research question: How do social relations and social interactions shape prosocial behavior in the form of blood and plasma donations? To shed light on this crucial issue, this project integrates insights from previous research across the social sciences, and tests resulting hypotheses based on longitudinal survey and register data from the Netherlands and Australia. For example, it examines how social contagion, communication, and the formation of blood donor groups affect donation behavior.


Joris Schröder is completing his PhD within the DONORS project, where he focuses on individual and social network-related determinants of blood donor behaviour. His background is in Socio-Economics and Development Studies.

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The social contagion of prosocial behaviour: How neighbourhood blood donations influence individual donation behaviour

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The social contagion of blood donation: Sustaining repeated prosocial behaviour 

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Did you donate? Talking about donations predicts compliance with solicitations for donations 

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