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This project focuses on the dynamic nature of blood donation. It investigates how individuals go through their blood donation careers by taking various factors into account such as socio-demographic characteristics, blood donor deferrals, satisfaction with the blood bank and the donor's motivation to give blood.

Tjeerd Piersma was a PhD candidate at the Department of Donor Medicine Reserch at Sanquin Research and, the Center for Philantropic Studies at VU Amsterdam. He had his thesis defence in September 2020.


Individual, contextual and network characteristics of blood donors and non-donors: A systematic review of recent literature 

Full article | Summary

Blood donation across the life course: The influence of life events on donor lapse  

Full article | Summary

Life events and donor lapse among blood donors in Denmark  

Full article | Summary

Altruism in blood donation: out of sight out of mind? Closing donation centres increases blood donor lapse  

Full article | Summary

The relation between blood donor recruitment, and blood donor diversity and blood donor diversity and loyalty in the Netherlands 

Full article |  Summary

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