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A bloody nice evening

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

What have you always wanted to know about blood and blood donation? On November 20, at 20:00 hrs, professor of donor behavior Eva-Maria Merz organized “A bloody nice evening” together with the Vrije Universiteit in Pakhuis de Zwijger. The evening had a diverse program with guests from Sanquin and the AMC (Thijs van de Laar, Emile van den Akker, Erfan Nur and Elisabeth Huis in 't Veld). You will learn more about the world of blood donation. We will connect science and practice and we take you through the history, present and future of blood donation. Get answers to your questions: Why do people donate blood? Why is it important? How does blood donation work? And finally, how do we ensure better representation among blood donors?

This evening is part of a program series Governance for society. Here, action perspectives for complex social and administrative issues are examined. We collaborate with three fellows in this series: three researchers from the Vrije Universiteit who bring an issue that we will discuss with science, policy and practice. You can now watch the whole evening on YouTube though the following link!


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